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Lu gray stone market

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The latest Lu Hui stone market on February 20, 2016

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鲁灰 石材 行情 The latest Lu gray stone market on February 20, 2016
Lu gray stone products Product introduction and price

Lu gray stone wool board: a board with a certain thickness, without any surface treatment, cut out with a circular saw, sand saw or frame saw.

Sheet: A sheet with a thickness of less than 15mm.

Thick plate: a plate with a thickness greater than 15mm.

Ordinary plate: square or rectangular plate.

Shaped plate: non-square or non-rectangular plate.

Unit: square meters / yuan

Today's market: from 50 yuan


Lu gray stone flooring: mainly divided into: flat slab flooring stone, matte matte flooring stone, rough surface flooring stone, machine-planed striped stone

Blind stone: a board with a concave and convex stripe on the surface.

Machine-cut sheet: Sheet with stripe marks cut by a machine.

Stair step board: A board used for stair steps in decoration.

Sandblasting board: Emery is used as auxiliary material, and the stone surface is sprayed into a matte board under a certain pressure.

Ordinary plate: square or rectangular plate.

Unit: square meters / yuan

Today's market: from 57 yuan


Lu gray stone roadside stone: Lu gray stone roadside stone can be divided into H-type roadside stone, T-type roadside stone, R-type roadside stone, F-type roadside stone, TF-type standing stone Yanshi and P-type flat Yanshi.

Role: As the appearance of the city changes with each passing day, beautifying urban space has become an urgent need

Unit: cubic meters / yuan

Today's Quote: 1485


Lu gray stone dry hanging board

Natural surface plate: the surface is hit with a ladle or hammer to make a mountain table.

Litchi noodle sheet: a sheet made by hitting a surface with a hammer shaped like a litchi bark.

Longan face plate: Staggered on the stone surface with a flat-shaped hammer to form a plate like a dragon's eyelid.

Chop axe plate: a rough surface plate processed with an axe.

Hammered plate: rough-faced plate processed with a flower hammer.

Fire-burning plates: rough-faced plates processed with flames produced by acetylene, oxygen or propane and petroleum liquefied gas as fuel.

Fire-burning and water-washing plate: a plate that is first burned with water and then impacted with water.

Lu gray stone dry hanging board Unit: square meters / yuan

Today's market: from 65 yuan

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