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Origin and Application of Lu Gray Stone

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          Origin and Application of Lu Gray Stone

The origin of Lu gray stone is located in Lugou Town, Sishui County, Shandong Province. It is adjacent to Qufu, the hometown of Confucius in the west, Yasheng Mencius in the south, Yimeng in the east, Mount Tai in the north, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. State Road 104 connects north and south, State Road 327 runs from east to west; it is 10 kilometers away from Jingfu Expressway in the west, 15 kilometers away from Ridong Expressway in the south, and 15 kilometers away from Sishui Station of the Shishi Railway. The transportation is very developed and the transportation is extremely convenient. Hence the name "Lu Hui".

The unique Lu gray stone plays a major role in practical life. Although most consumers feel very rusty about the title of Lu gray stone, the variety of products produced by Lu gray stone is indeed rich. Everyone needs it. Lu gray stone density, strength and other inspection standards are among the scale of national standards and are classified as first-class decorative products.

The emergence of Lu Hui has brought huge surprises to the stone market. It has been used in many industries and its quality has gradually been recognized. Lu Hui is named because of its grayish white color. Therefore, color judgment is an indispensable link when identifying it. Not only grayish white, but the color of Lu gray is relatively uniform. The reason why Lu gray was widely used from the moment it was discovered to the present In many industries and even exported overseas, it has good physical composition and no radioactivity, so we often see Lu Hui in the decoration of the room. The color and its good ingredients make it discovered and accepted by the outside world, and finally it is recognized by users.

Each kind of product is divided into good and bad. The outstanding Lu gray stone is mostly used for interior decoration, floor laying, countertop exit and other categories, while the slightly worse Lu gray stone can be used for roadside stone production. Standards and landscaping have made outstanding contributions. The variety of products with Lu Hui as the base is continuously expanding. Lu gray blocks, light boards, window sills, fire boards, stair steps, planer stones and other commodities can be processed and customized with Lu gray stone. It is necessary to promote the continuous emergence of new products, and in the future development, there will be more and more space for trust in Lu Hui products.

Lu gray stone is generally used for construction stone, and it is widely used in garden and engineering. Others are stone carving, stone art, tombstone and other commodities. It is widely used in construction decoration. The prosperity of China ’s stone shopping malls and the addition of stone needs have made the world ’s stone merchants capitalize on this profession. Lu Hui Stone has also become a sought-after product during the professional year. Following the hotness of imported stone shopping malls in recent years, China ’s stone shopping malls are moving towards the world stone shopping mall Center step forward.

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