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Lu gray stone

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Lu gray stone

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Lu gray stone is used more and more widely in people's life. When it comes to its advantages, it is well known. Its color is grayish white, polished grayish black, fine particles and dense texture. It belongs to the granite series. Its hardness is Mohs 7.6, density 2.73 tons / Cubic, acid and alkali resistance, low radiation, and the processing of Lu gray stone is also the key to the quality of Lu gray stone.

Lu gray stone is first mined by the mine, divided into two types of artificial mining and blast mining, of which there are two types of blast mining: micro blast mining and large blast mining. Then, the mined blocks are processed. The mined large stones are called blocks. Generally, diamond disc saws are used to process the slabs. For marble, diamond chips can also be processed. After processing the blocks, the board is polished. Polishing equipment generally uses diamond. Finally, trim the board. The light board is cut into the required size and specification by the edge cutting machine, which is based on the different people's different needs to be processed.

We all know that there are pores inside Lu Hui. If there is a lot of bacteria growing back in the untreated condition, this will affect our use and the life of Lu Hui. Therefore, we need to do crystal face treatment on Lu Hui.

The principle is to use the crystal hardener plus the friction of the brush to the stone surface, under the dual role of chemical and physical, to make the surface layer of the hard and dense crystal hard layer, so that the stone surface is not easy to damage, and it is not easy to stick stains. Qi Fuquan, manager of Longfa Decoration Engineering Department, said that the crystal surface treatment did not change the structure of the stone, nor was it coated with a covering, so it would not change the texture of the original stone. After the crystal surface treatment, the stone surface molecules are denser, the gloss is significantly improved, and the stone surface is more beautiful and noble.

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