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We know that Lu gray stone not only has natural environmental protection, but also has a low-carbon performance, but we will find the water spot phenomenon. After installation, we will find out what is causing this? Here is a short introduction for everyone!

With the rapid development of stone technology, the treatment of stone surface effects has become more and more diverse. At present, the surface effects in the stone industry are mainly in the following categories: smooth, matte, pickled, sandblasted, fired, Axe surface, litchi surface, hammered surface, brushed surface, antique surface, mushroom surface, natural fracture surface, special surface, etc.

The following describes the related surface effects in turn:

1. Glossy surface: the surface is very smooth, highly polished, has a mirror effect, and has high gloss. Granite, marble, and limestone are usually polished and require different maintenance to maintain their gloss.

Granite, marble, and limestone are usually polished and require different maintenance to maintain their gloss.

Second, matte surface: smooth surface, but low-level polishing, diffuse reflection, no gloss, no mirror effect, no light pollution.

3. Pickling surface: The surface of the stone is corroded with strong acid to make it have small signs of corrosion, and the appearance is more rustic than the polished surface. Most stones can be pickled, but the most common are marble and limestone. Pickling is also a way to soften the luster of granite.

4. Sandblasted surface: Use ordinary river sand or emery to replace the high-pressure water to wash the surface of the stone to form a decorative surface with a smooth matte effect

V. Burning surface: After burning, the surface is mostly scaly, and the surface color is different from the smooth surface. There are two types of hand-made noodles and equipment noodles. The former is used for special shapes and edges, and the latter is used for large plates.

6. Chop axe surface: It looks like the trace of an axe, divided into two manual and machine processing methods

7. Litchi surface: The surface is rough and uneven, and small holes are dug out on the surface with a chisel. There is an effect that mimics the drop of water on the stone over the years.

8. Brushed surface: The surface is made of many grooves, which are divided into two processing methods: manual and imitation.

Nine, antique surface: imitate the old-fashioned surface after the stone has been used for a certain number of years. Generally, it is treated with antique abrasive brushes or antique water. Generally, the antique abrasive brushes are more effective and cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly.

X. Special surface: It is produced by waterjet machine + machining center + manual production. With this method, you can make any effect that customers can think of. If you can think of it, we can do it!

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