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Lu gray stone

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Lu gray stone

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Lu gray stone is sturdy and durable and has become more common in people's lives, but in most cases, Lu gray stone is left unattended after processing and playing a decorative role, and there is no usual protection. In the ordinary living environment, dust, exhaust gas, acid rain, freezing and other pollutants may damage the Lu gray stone.

In the process of transporting Lu gray stone, you need to pay more attention. The following editors will introduce to you what you should pay attention to:

First, if it is a large-scale stone, it should be fixed on the shelf with a hard board. It is strictly forbidden to use colored plastic and straw rope to bundle white and easily polluted products. Second, pay attention to the use of cranes or car plugs. The steel wire rope should be used firmly. When hanging the steel wire rope, it can be placed according to the size of the stone. Third, when loading and unloading stone with a crane, check the surrounding buildings for high-voltage power lines and obstacles to the operation. When the stone is suspended by the crane, do not swing it. Fourth, use small trailers in stores, freight yards, machine rooms, and rooms for short distances. The length of the car must be suitable for the stone, the frame and tires must be intact, and the handling must be smooth.

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