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When buying Lu gray stone, you should pay attention to some quality technical indicators, especially physical and mechanical properties. Large quantities must be tested for physical properties. Lu's limestone quality technical indicators mainly refer to the physical properties and mechanical properties of water, including water absorption, bulk density, dry compression strength and flexural strength. Some stone technology researchers believe that, in general, the size of the stone is small and the water absorption rate is relatively high. This kind of stone material is relatively loose in appearance. The nature of the defect is that the material is large, and it is easy to use various impurities and dirt. When stone is used as the ground material, its hardness and abrasion resistance should be paid attention to. So choose a stone and see if there is a test report

You are the stone discrimination method: China's stone materials are divided into three types A, B, and C according to the level of radioactivity. According to regulations, only one type can be used for home interior decoration. According to tests, the highest levels of radioactive material are red, green, white, and black.

Sign the contract and ask for an invoice. The seller can best be required to provide a product qualification certificate, and the inspection report is certified by the legal department or product. When conditions permit, samples are sent to the inspection department for inspection. Use dilution method. The half-life of radon is only 3.2 days, and indoor radon concentration can only be reduced to outdoor levels after 20 to 30 minutes. Therefore, the easiest way is to increase ventilation. The room with the best decoration just happened to be tested. If the test result is unsatisfactory, it can be used to reduce radiation paint or install lead-free protective boards to prevent the release of building materials. If the radioactivity index is too high, replace the stone immediately.

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