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The internal structure of Lu gray stone?

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Do you know the internal structure of Lu gray stone, here is recommended for everyone to understand, because its internal structure is connected to us to better use Lu gray stone. To avoid chemical reaction between the internal components of the marble of the stone and the outside natural environment, Lu gray stone has beautiful colors and patterns, but also has high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties. What kind of internal structure and chemistry does it have? What about the ingredients?

Marble structure and structure: There are micro-cracks and pores in natural stone. As time goes by, it will adsorb the fine floating dust and dirt in the air. Due to the capillary effect, it slowly penetrates into the marble inside the stone, thus greatly Reduced the decorative performance and service life of marble. The smaller the pores, the stronger the capillary action and surface adsorption action. Relatively complex chemical composition: Some of the chemical components in the marble material are likely to interact with the natural environment of the outside world, causing the stone to erode or mutate. Stone marble causes erosion or variability. Marble generally contains iron chemical components to varying degrees, which will cause rust and yellow due to erosion by moisture. The higher the iron content in the marble, the more likely it is to cause rust yellow. In addition, the main chemical composition of most natural marbles is carbonate sulfides, such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, and a small amount of alkaline oxides. Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate are relatively stable chemical compounds, but the chemical properties of some basic oxides are unstable. In a humid natural environment, they are liable to interact with acidic oxides in the air such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and trioxide. Sulfur, nitrogen dioxide and other chemical exothermic reactions change the internal physical structure of the marble. Similar chemical damage will also occur on other marble materials. The lighter will cause the marble surface to lose its luster, and even the color tone will fade, and scars will appear on the surface. The severer will reduce the natural strength of natural stone and the surface weathering layer will peel off.

Everyone knows the internal structure of Lu gray stone. Lu gray stone is used in the decoration design to bring a great visual feast to the natural environment, and in the mining of Lu gray stone, it is possible to use the same layer of stones as much as possible. It can ensure the color of the stone. The color tone and pattern of the marble can save engineering for the later processing, and maintain the beauty of the marble material and a good sense of visual effect space.

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