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How to reuse the fertilizer of Lu gray stone?

Release time: 2018-05-26 Visits: Times

鲁灰石材 的过程中所采用的数量是非常大的,所以我们应该做到有效的配合,对于在使用过程中产生的鲁灰废料,我们要进行多次重复利用的方式,这样才能节约我们的生产原料。 In the process of using Lu gray stone , the quantity used is very large, so we should do an effective cooperation. For the Lu gray waste generated during the use, we need to reuse it many times. Save our production materials.
1. Use stone waste in domestic coal.

Adding 5% -10% stone powder to domestic coal can effectively save coal. The application of Shandong Lu ash waste in domestic coal not only saves the cost of domestic coal, but also improves the use efficiency.

2. Use Lu gray stone waste in welding electrodes.

Adding stone powder when making welding electrodes can play the role of slagging and prevent oxygen and nitrogen from entering the bath and arc. Therefore, the waste of Shandong Lu ash can be placed in the welding electrode to improve work efficiency.

3. Add Shandong Lu ash waste to the filling material of cement.

The appropriate cement, hardener, and small stones can be added to the Shandong Lu ash waste to make the baffle or wall by stirring and pressing. It can also be used as a filler for cement production and road construction.

The above is the use of some waste materials by Lu Hui Stone in the process of use. I hope everyone will cooperate closely to better ensure that the benefits of our Lu Hui manufacturers are improved.

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