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Does Lu Hui manufacturers tell you that stone is radiant?

Release time: 2018-05-07 Visits: Times

Now that people's living standards are improving, Lu Hui manufacturers have also increased the transformation of stone products, and people pay great attention to health. 鲁灰石材 有辐射的观点,更是引发了人们的热烈讨论。 Home decoration is to create a better living environment for people, but the harmfulness of construction materials such as paint has troubled many people. In recent years, some people have proposed that the Surabaya Lu gray stone has radiation, which has caused a heated discussion. .
Does Surabaya Lu Gray Stone really have radiation? Relevant staff members visited many Lu Hui manufacturers in order to investigate this issue. Different manufacturers gave different answers, and most of Surabaya Lu Hui stone did not have a radiation mark. According to the opinions given by experts, Lu Hui belongs to natural stone, and all natural stone has radiation, but the intensity of radiation is not exactly the same. Lu Hui originally had a small amount of radiation. After effective processing by regular manufacturers, this radiation will be greatly reduced, but it still exists.

The above is the urban type standard of stone that Lu Hui manufacturers tell you. I hope that everyone will strengthen relevant research to better meet our needs and ensure that it will not cause harm to our body.

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