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Why is our Lu gray granite eroded?

Release time: 2018-04-25 Visits: Times

鲁灰花岗岩 受到 进一步的损伤,那么让我们来了解一下我们的石材产品为什么会受到侵蚀呢? In the development of our stone industry, we need to make reasonable use of our resources to prevent further damage to our Lu gray granite , so let us understand why our stone products will be eroded?
The deterioration of the operating environment, such as acid rain, pollution, and humidity, is also the main factor that causes and accelerates various problems and lesions in yellow rust in Shandong.

The use of yellow rust stone in Shandong is gradually increasing, so people will ignore the principle of using it. When you use it, you do not pay attention to the protection of the stone surface. Everyone littering may cause the corrosion of Lu gray granite.

In the protection of stone products, some manufacturers often choose low-quality products, which will eventually lead to inferior cleaning agents, causing the surface of Lu gray granite to corrode. Avoid using and using some cleaning agents and curing agents.

These are the reasons why Kuang Lu granite is corroded in the process of use. I hope everyone will have a reasonable understanding to further meet our production needs.

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