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What are the common Lu gray granite cutting methods

Release time: 2018-04-17 Visits: Times
鲁灰花岗岩 加工的过程中,肯定是需要进行切割工作的,这样才能更好的将它变成我们所需要的形状,不过如果切割方法或者是切割工具使用不好的话,就可能会造成石材的损坏等问题,严重的影响着它的使用效果,所以大家这一点一定要注意,接下来我们就来说一下常见的鲁灰花岗岩切割方法包括哪些。 In the process of processing Lu gray granite , it is necessary to cut it, so that it can be better turned into the shape we need, but if the cutting method or the cutting tool is not used properly, it may cause stone The problems of damage and other serious effects affect its use, so everyone must pay attention to this point. Next, we will talk about the common Lu gray granite cutting methods including.
1. Rough machining with a diamond circular saw blade, then finishing and polishing with a milling wheel. This method is suitable for those wide or narrow shapes with relatively large unevenness. If you use a milling wheel to directly process a large amount of wear, and use a circular saw blade with a relatively high cutting efficiency, first remove most of the excess material, and then use the milling wheel to rough, fine, and polish.

2. Cut with a diamond bead saw, and then grind or polish it with a copy machine. This is suitable for processing relatively large flower lines. Cutting can obtain both concave and convex flower lines. If the design is good, both flower lines can be used in one project, which is conducive to cost savings.

3. Direct processing with forming milling wheels. This is the most used method of processing stone flower line, and it is also the most economical and most efficient method. It can process the shape of the unevenness of the flower line quickly. This requires making a milling tool that is opposite to the unevenness of the flower line in advance, and grinding the curve on the stone line machine. The grinding wheel must be prepared for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing.

鲁灰花岗岩 切割方法的一些介绍,希望可以对大家有所帮助。 The above are some introductions to the common Lu gray granite cutting methods, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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