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How to do well infiltration of Lu gray stone?

Release time: 2018-01-24 Visits: Times

鲁灰厂家 都是要对于鲁灰石材的质量进行严格的把握的,只有这样才能够让我们的石材的性能更加的优质,如果出现渗水的情况,我们应该如何进行处理呢? When using Lu gray stone, Lu gray manufacturers must strictly control the quality of Lu gray stone. Only in this way can the performance of our stone be better. If there is water leakage, what should we do? What about processing?
We observe the Lu gray stone from a micro perspective. It has pores and water absorption due to the stone itself, air pollution, acid gas and dust plus air, automobile and motorcycle exhaust.

What the manufacturers of Lu Hui want to tell you is that the stone is attached to the surface of the stone over time. When it rains, acid rain will accelerate the erosion of the pollution to the stone and adsorb it in the pores of the stone. The stains are not easy to clean, so we Pay attention to the use of our Lu gray stone in a reasonable environment.

When using Lu gray stone, Lu gray manufacturers want to tell everyone that if the Shandong yellow rust stone factory wants to prevent the stone from being contaminated again, it can be cleaned in the stone after cleaning. Doing the relevant work of Fan Lake will let us The surface of Lu gray stone is brighter.

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