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How to deal with the rust spots of Lu gray granite?

Release time: 2017-12-31 Visits: Times

在我 们使用的过程中发挥着巨大的效果,所以我们应该科学的防止一些病变的产生,让我们的使用效果更加的明显,那么如果花岗岩出现了休班问题是什么原因导致的呢? Lu gray granite plays a huge effect in the process of our use, so we should scientifically prevent the occurrence of some lesions, so that our use effect is more obvious, so if the granite has a problem of off-duty, what is the reason? ?
The first is the natural response generation. Because the internal structure of Lu gray granite is very special, the internal material components are rich in hematite and pyrite, so the surface will show a red half point, exuding through the pores of the stone There will be a break.

There is also a spot produced during the manufacturing process. In the production and transportation, we inevitably appear to touch iron objects. After touching them, the surface will be oxidized. The residue of these iron objects will stick to the stone surface. After being oxidized, it will cause rust pollution.

Of course, we also need to protect the stone scientifically when we are protecting the stone, but because the rust remover is acidic, when using it, you should carefully watch the instructions for use, ing, and see if it is too acidic. Causes corrosion. Therefore, it is necessary to test first when removing rust.

When Lu gray granite is in use, we need to do a scientific treatment for rust prevention work, so that our stone surface is more healthy and our decoration effect is better presented.

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