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The future development trend of Lu gray stone

Release time: 2017-08-16 Visits: Times
的未来发展趋势,山东鲁灰石材主要用于室内地面、室外墙面装饰。 The future development trend of Lu gray stone, Shandong Lu gray stone is mainly used for indoor floor and outdoor wall decoration. It is widely used in dry hanging of exterior walls, interior decoration and ground laying. Shandong Luhui Stone has been hot in the market since it was mined. It has been sold to overseas countries and has become a widely recognized stone product. Shandong Luhui Stone has the lowest price in the industry.

Lu gray stone is generally used in architectural stone, and it is widely used in gardening and engineering. In addition, it is widely used in stone carving, stone art, tombstone products, etc. Among them, it is used more in architectural decoration. The prosperity of the Chinese stone market and the increase in stone demand have led international stone traders to invest in the industry. Shandong Luhui Stone has also become a hot product in the industry. With the hotness of the imported stone market in recent years, the Chinese stone market is moving towards international stone. Move towards the market center. In the future, the development of Shandong Luhui Stone is a big step forward internationally, and the prospect is immeasurable.

Lu gray stone has its special characteristics. It separates Shandong Lu gray stone from other building stones for management, revises the standard of Shandong Lu gray stone mine size classification and classification, and regulates the entire Shandong Lu gray stone mine development from a technical perspective. Mining will be a new development trend. Shandong Lu gray stone wholesale only has decorative Lu gray stone. What is required is to remove it from the rock mass as completely as possible. This is also a feature of our Shandong Lu gray stone. The current management In the system, decorative Shandong Lu gray stone and building stone are managed in the same category of products, and there are some problems, so how to manage the mine resources of Shandong Lu gray stone industry has become an important issue. It is undeniable that Lu Gray Stone has a larger development trend in the future.

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