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What causes different water spots on Lu gray stone

Release time: 2015-07-29 Visits: Times
With its solemn and natural charm, Lu Hui Stone has always been one of the materials that designers like to use. We know that Lu gray stone is not only natural and environmentally friendly, but also has low carbon performance. Lu gray stone is sturdy and durable and has become more common in people's lives, but in most cases, Lu gray stone is left unattended after processing and playing a decorative role, and there is no usual protection.
We use improper Lu ash protective agents. There are many varieties of Lu ash protective agents. We should choose different protective agents for different stone materials, different locations, and different paving methods. This is often overlooked. More important is the fair choice of construction methods and usage. Often it is found that the facade or ground in the unified building area, under the premise of using the same stone, same cement, and sand, differs even on a uniform block of ash. The appearance of water spots is not dry, that is, some stones are dry and some are wet.

This situation is basically the result of using a stone protective agent without actually operating according to the requirements of use. There is a big difference in the amount of protective agent used and the average degree of painting. According to the requirements of use, the ratio is sufficient, and the average stone is painted, and it dries quickly. On the other hand, water spots easily appear.

Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. The more outstanding Lu gray stone is mostly used in interior decoration, floor laying, and countertop exits. The slightly worse Lu gray stone can be used for roadside stone production. Standardization and beautification of urban construction has made outstanding contributions.
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