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How is Lu gray stone named

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With the vigorous development of China's construction industry, the stone industry has also continued to grow and develop. Stone has become the preferred material for property flooring due to its colorful, beautiful markings, hard texture, luxurious style, beautiful highlights and easy cleaning and maintenance. The application of stone is becoming more and more widespread, whether it is indoor or outdoor, stone is a beautiful scenery. At present, China's real estate is mainly laid on the ground with beautiful stone materials. Stone materials are widely loved as building materials. But do you know the origin of Lu Hui 's name,
The color of stone is ever-changing. From color, it can be classified into: red series, yellow series, white series, black series, brown series, gray series, beige series, green series, blue series, etc. There are few marbles in the blue series, Very precious.
1.National rules on stone naming:
Origin Description Marble Color Characteristic Description Marble, such as Hang Brown Marble, Sichuan Red Granite, Jiujiang Black Slate, Guizhou Sandstone, etc .;
2. Existing naming conventions:
a. Named by origin color: such as Fuding black, Shandong Jinan green, China red, Italy gray, etc., British brown, American white hemp, Shanxi black, etc .;
b. Named by origin or image stone: such as Bishan Stone in Huian, Shoushan Stone in Fuzhou, etc .;
c. Named with zebra color image: such as tiger skin yellow, landscape green, etc., lotus pond moonlight, gold coast, gold diamond, such as violet red, peacock green, Kowloon wall, large flower green, garnet red, sun red, black Golden sand, spray white, golden beige, etc .;
d. Named by color texture: such as red cream, magnificent, etc., emperor gold;
e. Named after ancient celebrities or titles: such as Xi Shihong, Guan Yuhong, etc., General Red, Concubine Red, etc .;
f. Transliteration color: Shaanna Beige, Sophia Beige, Carrara White, etc .;
g. Other names.

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