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Design and construction technology of dry hanging ash stone

Release time: 2016-02-26 Visits: Times
The design process of dry hanging Lu gray stone mainly includes the following three steps:

(1) Welding of connectors

Generally, "embedded parts + connecting plates + stainless steel pendants" or "embedded parts + connecting plates + steel keels + stainless steel pendants" are used to fix the stone; the embedded parts have been completed during the construction of the structure. It is especially important to ensure the welding quality of the embedded parts, the connecting plate and the keel to the external finish. Special requirements are as follows:

Clean the weld before welding. There should be no oil or rust around the weld. During the welding construction, under the witness of the owner's on-site representative and the supervisor, take the embedded plates, connectors, sections, welding rods, and welding currents of the same thickness to make welding test pieces with the same conditions, and send them to the quality supervision and inspection department for testing.

Welding speed should be properly controlled during formal welding, and constant speed welding is required to ensure uniform thickness and width of the weld. Welding procedures shall be performed for the arc length (3mm), welding angle (toward the angle steel side), initiation arc and end arc. After removing the slag, carry out a self-inspection of the appearance and weld size, and confirm that there are no problems before transferring to the place to continue welding.

(2) Stone installation

First, check the specifications of the board according to the sample drawing, and then perform slotting and board installation after checking. To ensure the quality of the slot (verticality, slot depth, slot location), the following measures can be taken:

Make wooden stone fixing frame on site, fix the slate and then slot. The slot is aligned with the T-shaped pendant, and the slot is marked after the position is marked. The groove depth is adjusted in advance with a marble machine and a ruler rod, and the ruler rod is against the stone, and the groove depth is preferably 16mm. Self-inspection should be performed after slotting, including slot depth, position, verticality, and whether the stone on the side of the slot is split.

Before the stone is put on the wall, first remove the dust and gravel in the tank; after the test hanging (see the table below for the requirements of the board position and verticality), inject the glue into the tank and install the stone, and check with a ruler. The allowable deviation of the exterior finish shall meet the requirements of the "JGJ73-91" specification.

(3) caulking

First, clean the stone board seams with a special board brush, remove the stagnation, pollutants and powder in the seams, and then apply the acetone water twice to increase the adhesion of the sealant.

Wide seam-filled foam caulk. The caulking strip is 20, the filling depth should be straight and consistent (8mm from the stone plate surface), no overlap, and the contact seam should be tight and free of gaps when the pendant is disconnected.

The caulking glue is a DC silicone sealant produced in the United States. After the glue is applied, the strip is glued to avoid contamination of adjacent stones. After the stone is glued, the colloid has an arc-shaped concave section, and the concave surface is 1.5 mm away from the stone surface. The segmentation is completed at one time, and the speed should ensure that the caulking is free of bubbles and continuous glue. The caulking rubber distillation pressure should be completed during the initial setting to ensure consistent appearance.
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