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Shandong Lu gray gloss processing

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Shandong Lu ash processing requires semi-fine grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing. Semi-fine grinding is to grind the surface of the plate and make the plate reach the thickness and flatness requested by the product. Fine grinding is to further grind the surface of the plate. After fine grinding, the color and markings of Shandong Lu gray have been clearly shown. Prepared for polishing, the polished surface has a certain degree of gloss, which can usually reach more than 50 degrees; polishing is the final process of Shandong Lu ash grinding process. After polishing, Shandong Lu ash has obtained sufficient mirror gloss .


At the top of the list, the small disc grinding machine grinds Shandong Lu ash technology. This machine relies on the effect of the grinding tool, polishing dose or polishing tool between the plate surface and the plate surface to reach the intention of grinding the plate. In order to perform all the work from rough grinding to polishing on the standard rough board, a small disc grinder can be used to complete the grinding work with a grinding stone that replaces the abrasive with a different particle size; the board to be processed is polished according to the polishing method The difference is divided into three types: dry polishing plate, water polishing plate and millstone polishing plate, and then classified and processed.
1. Coarse and fine grinding, rough grinding and fine grinding of wool board with a small disc grinder. For rough grinding, 36-40 silicon carbide is used as the abrasive. During fine grinding, 180-240 silicon carbide is used as the abrasive to control the flatness and thickness of the plate to reach the quality request. The grinding process is that the surface of the raw plate to be processed is attached to the disk surface, and the abrasive plate is realized by the buckle cover and pressure equipment. Board grinding. When the board is from coarse to fine grinding, it is necessary to flush the board surface and the disc surface with water to avoid coarse abrasives affecting the fine grinding work.

2. Fine grinding, using a second small disc grinder for plate fine grinding. No. 6 fan-shaped grinding stone is used for fine grinding, about 1200-1600 mesh. The grindstone can be directly inlaid on the grindstone curved plate, or it can be adhered to the grindstone with epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester resin, No. 10 asphalt, etc. The arrangement of the grinding stones on the surface of the disc should be reasonable to ensure that the entire surface is ground uniformly. It is advisable to use the grinding stone of the newly bonded grinding stone after smoothing the working surface of the grinding stone. Before fine grinding, the board needs to be washed with water; fine grinding can only be carried out after fine grinding, and proper cooling water needs to be sprayed during fine grinding.

3, polishing, polishing with a third small disc grinder. During polishing, the dry polishing plate uses a felt wheel adhered to the surface of the machine as a polishing plate, and a suitable mixture of alumina and water is sprayed thereon as a polishing agent; the water polishing plate also uses a felt wheel as a polishing plate, and the appropriate oxalic acid is added to it As a polishing agent, the grinding stone polishing plate is made of white corundum fan-shaped grinding stone adhered to the disc surface for polishing, and the grinding stone working surface is flattened before polishing. The polishing operation is the same as fine grinding. Regarding the dry polishing plate and grindstone polishing plate, depending on the polishing processing condition, a very small amount of water is sprayed on the surface of the disk to prevent the surface of the plate from heating up too much and the surface of the plate will be burnt out. As for the water polishing plate, it is necessary to apply the surface to the disk during the entire polishing process. Add water to avoid oxalic acid burning the surface.
After the polishing is finished, take out the board and wax it evenly by hand on the board surface to protect the gloss of the product. Then stack up as requested.

Second, the hand-held rocker grinding machine grinds Shandong Lu ash technology. In China's Shandong Lu-ash processing company, the hand-held rocker grinding machine is usually used to complete the grinding process from semi-fine grinding to polishing. It is used to replace the grinding discs with grinding stones of different grain sizes to complete the above process.
1. Do the preparatory work before driving, fill all the oil eyes, check the tightening status of each component, and put it into production after the test run is normal; driving on the disk is prohibited; when the disk is mounted, the grinding disc bayonet should be placed against the spindle Tight; use the reverse switch to the regular position to avoid two-phase touching to burn the motor.
2. The operation of grinding technology is the key. First, the unevenness of the rough grinding surface is determined by visual inspection or a flat ruler. Use a No. 2 grindstone to smooth the surface of the board. The key to its operation is: if the longitudinal direction of the rough grinding plate is uneven, the vehicle should be moved longitudinally; after it is completely flattened, it should go to the large surface; the interval between each translation of the grinding disc should not be greater than one-half of the disc diameter, so that the grinding track Excellent connection; the speed of the car should be uniform, so that the surface of the board can be evenly and evenly ground quickly. The unevenness of the part should be leveled when driving.
Then, the grinding stones are replaced one by one, and semi-fine grinding, fine grinding and fine grinding are performed. No. 2 and No. 3 grinding stones are used for semi-fine grinding, No. 4 and No. 5 grinding stones are used for fine grinding, and No. 6 grinding stones are used for fine grinding. The last grinding stone is used to remove the marks left by the previous grinding stone to improve the appearance of lubrication and fineness. The operator should understand the quality requirements of each grinding stone. After grinding each grinding stone, scrape the surface of the board with a rubber scraper and fan dry it. Carefully check the quality. If the request is not reached, it must not be transferred to the next Grinding of No. 1 millstone.
During fine grinding, fine grinding, and polishing, the grinding discs should be replaced in the vertical and horizontal order at a uniform speed. Pay attention to the same amount of grinding at the corners and other parts, so as to keep the surface of the plate evenly polished. In order to prevent the grinding stone from falling, the interval between the grinding plate and the edge of the plate must not exceed one half of the disk diameter. When grinding, it is necessary to add appropriate water to each grinding stone. The amount of water should be adjusted according to the specific conditions of semi-fine grinding, fine grinding and fine grinding. Normal conditions and water volume control are adjusted between 4-8 liters per minute.
Polishing is the final step of the grinding process. Water polishing and grindstone polishing are performed immediately after fine grinding, and dry polishing can be performed separately. The key to the operation of polishing technology is to apply a suitable polishing agent between the polishing plate and the surface of the plate to polish. At that time, the polishing plate was rotated and interlaced and moved in order in the vertical and horizontal directions of the plate, so that the edge of the plate and the gloss at the center of the plate reached common. For water polishing, appropriate water should be dispensed, and water should be poured on the surface of the board during dry polishing to reduce the low temperature. Grinding stone polishing is basically dry polishing. When polishing, it is necessary to pay attention to the proper pressure on the polishing disk and the plate surface to improve the polishing power and quality. Usually the polishing pressure is selected between 0.4 and 0.6.
In the end, the polishing was finished, and the board surface was carefully checked. After the quality was qualified, the board surface was evenly waxed once. Finally clean up the clean board margins and stack them as required.
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