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How is Shandong Lu gray table panel processed

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The Shandong Luhuitai panel products produced and processed with excellent quality and customer satisfaction can enter the normal production trajectory as long as they are in accordance with the production process, reasonable schemes, organizational implementation, and follow-up checks.
First of all, understand the process: material selection → material discharge → feeding (disc saw) → sawing → inspection → infrared bridge cutting → Shandong Luhuitai panel processing workshop → bonding (bubble nose, duckbill edge, flat edge, etc. ) → Machine processing special-shaped edges (duckbill edge, beef nose edge, etc.) → digging pot holes, drilling → grinding → inspection → protection → packaging → delivery.
Material selection and discharge: According to the agreement board (sample) provided by the customer, compare the agreement board with the raw material block, and knock the next one with a small hand mill to check the contrast, and observe whether the color, markings and particles are common. Pay attention to the material selection process. If something goes wrong in this process, all subsequent processes must be stopped. To check the quality of the block by water spray method and visual inspection method, the same mining area, the same color, markings, particles, and density must be selected. From the appearance, cracks, gall bladder, color lines, sweeping flowers, etc. are not allowed. Sort of impurities, and then arrange the reasonable order by the amount of production task list.

Saw cutting and unloading: Put the block on a circular saw, and perform sawing processing according to the drawings and discharge requests. Then check the rough board that is cut out, remove the unqualified products, and place the qualified products on the iron frame for rotation. Enter the next process; place the thickness of the product beyond the specification on another iron frame, and wait for the next process to determine the thickness.

Coarse grinding: Coarse grinding of fixed thickness products and qualified products. After rough grinding and boring, brush the surface of the product. After brushing, you can add pores, fine holes, chicken feet, etc., to make the product beautiful , Lubricating, colorful, and improved gloss.

Polishing: After polishing the qualified products one by one, mark the surface of the board with cracks, light colors, stone gall, and flowers with red crayons, so that the next process can be found in time. , Stone color, sweeping flowers can be removed, can be processed into small-standard products, such as flaps, etc .; the gloss of the product is required to be above 90 °; the flatness of the product is well controlled.

Infrared bridge cutting machine: The qualified products are cut and cut according to the production order to ensure that the geometric dimensions, angular dimensions, and diagonal dimensions of the products are accurate; no collapse or cornering is allowed; especially the Shandong Luhuitai panel If the reverse side requires bonding, the edges, edges, and corners must be intact; the board surface must not have a yin and yang side. No cracks, dark spots, alkali, sweeping, etc. are allowed.

Shandong Lu gray table panel processing: When bonding the product, use a small hand cutter to grind the bonding part of the product, and then process the bonding surface into a rough surface in order to bond the product more firmly. Small (0.1 ~ 0.2mm). After the bonding is boring, the special-shaped edges (bull nose, duck's beak, etc.) are processed on the machine. Need to open the hole, drill and cut the special-shaped by hand.

Grinding: Grinding is the first process of polishing. It is necessary to grind the product according to the external surface, and adhere to the shape of the external surface in accordance with the drawing. If the polishing is not completed, the time required for the subsequent polishing will not be reached. Ambition. Therefore, the polished product should be flat, smooth, and free from noticeable touch and ripples.

Small hand grinder polishing: Use a small hand grinder to polish the product. The gloss level is required to be above 90 °. After polishing, the appearance will be mirror-gloss, no unevenness, and no ripples. Degrees reach common.

Polishing of the edges: The edges of many products only need 20 to 30mm, and the entire edges need to be fully polished, but it is difficult to reach the request with a small hand grinder, and the processing speed is slow. Therefore, the products that need to be edging are fixed into a whole with a fixed fixture and polished with a large grinder, so that the gloss is improved, and the flatness is good, and there is no wave pattern and feel.

Finished product: Check the product piece by piece, and replace the unqualified products in time; if the board surface is not ground properly, make-up treatment is required. If it is a black product (Shanxi Black), the entire color of the polished area will return to white after bonding, which will affect the beauty of the product. You can use a marker pen (black) to paint on it here. This place is in common with the color of the product, which reflects the overall beauty of the product. The above methods can also be used for products of other colors. However, the color of the glue must be consistent with the color of the product. It is better not to see the direction of the glue when standing.

Protection and packaging: The product will be waterproofed according to the customer's request; it will be packaged according to export specifications. Bark and worm eyes are not allowed in the wooden board. The products should be marked with "Do not press" and "Up".
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