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Shandong Lu gray stone appearance quality inspection methods

Release time: 2016-01-12 Visits: Times
Natural granite construction panels and natural Shandong Lu gray construction panels are the most likely to appear in the practice of decorative effects. The color difference question, the color difference in the saying is called in the stone specifications whether the color streaks are harmonious, which is attributed to the appearance quality goal. Of one. Appearance quality also includes appearance defects, which refers to lack of edges, corners, cracks, stains, color lines, pits, Shandong Lu gray sheet also has appearance defects such as warping, depression, stains.

In the specifications of natural granite and Shandong Luhui construction board, the appearance quality target rules are the same. The color markings of the same board should be basically harmonious, and the appearance defects in the superior products are not allowed.
The defect inspection method is to place the inspected plate flat on the ground, and the shortcomings that are significantly visible at 1.5 meters from the plate are regarded as defects; the shortcomings that are 1.5 meters from the plate are not significant, but the shortcomings that are visible at 1 meter are considered No significant shortcomings; shortcomings that are not visible at 1 meter from the board are considered non-defective. Because the color difference of natural stone is common, users should choose the agreement board after selecting the type of stone, especially when ordering in large quantities. The protocol board should be as large as possible to fully display this type of color streaks. The agreement board should allow each party concerned to hold one piece at the same time in order to unify the norms and prevent unnecessary outbreaks.

Mirror gloss is a very important goal for Shandong Lu gray mirror sheet. Gloss refers to the degree of visible light reflection on the surface of the facing plate. In stone specifications, gloss is called specular gloss. The current rules and regulations for natural granite slabs, the front side of mirrored slabs should have a mirror gloss, which can clearly reflect the scene. The specular gloss value of the mirror surface plate should not be less than 75 gloss units, or it should be implemented according to the agreement between the supplier and the demand. The minimum value of the gloss of the rules is a fundamental value. Only when the gloss value of most granite plates is 80-90 gloss units, it has excellent specular gloss. Therefore, the user can indicate the value that the glossiness should reach in the purchase contract according to a different request, or use the glossiness value of the agreement board as a specification. In the newly revised national standard for natural granite slabs, the minimum gloss value has been increased from 75 gloss units to 80 gloss units.

In the current Shandong Shandong Grey Sheet Specification, the gloss values are graded, and the lowest gloss values of the same grade are also different due to the difference in chemical main components. The lowest gloss value of superior products is divided into 3 categories according to different chemical main components, which are 90, 80, and 60 gloss units, respectively. The specification value is definitely determined by fully considering the influence of the main chemical components on the polishing technology, and combined with many experiments. It basically enters the market in the form of large matte boards, and then cuts into various engineering boards according to different requirements. Based on the inspection results of these years, the gloss of these Shandong Lu gray mirror plates can basically meet the requirements of the rules.
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