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Acceptance criteria for Lu gray stone parquet

Release time: 2015-11-09 Visits: Times
Earlier we talked about the raw material selection and processing steps of the parquet pattern of Lu gray stone , then we should have a good understanding of the acceptance criteria of parquet pattern after the completion.
1. The same color and texture of the same stone pattern in the same pattern must be consistent, without obvious color differences, spots, and color line defects, and there must be no yin and yang colors.

2. No cracks on the surface of the board, no damage, no gaps.

3. Peripheral size, gap, pattern stitching error is less than 1mm.

4. The flatness error is less than 1mm, and there is no gap.

5. The surface gloss is not less than 80 degrees.

6. The color of the coloring material for bonding the gap or the color of the stone for filling the stone should be the same as the color of the stone.

7. Diagonal and parallel lines should be straight and parallel, and radian angles cannot be moved, and sharp angles cannot be blunt.

Lu gray stone and other natural stone mosaics are currently the best and most gorgeous decorative products in stone decoration. It is widely used in modern buildings on the ground, wall, and countertops. It is very popular among designers. Favor, and consumer likes.

Stone parquet is widely used in the decoration of floors, walls, ceilings and countertops in the current decoration market. Designed a gorgeous Lu gray stone parquet, not only bring bright colors and patterns to the room. At the same time, it also brings a unique noble atmosphere to the living room.
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