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Lu gray manufacturers teach you how to better stone paving

Release time: 2015-09-12 Visits: Times

Of all the building decoration materials, the natural stone of Lu Hui manufacturers is the only one that can meet the needs of the construction industry and the human living environment. It is all natural decoration materials. Because it will not be limited by factors such as color, appearance, size, and service life.

Lu Hui manufacturers need to focus on each link from the stone products in the production process to the design of the entire chain. However, as the last step in this process, the construction of the stone is very important. To be more precise, the change of factors such as building construction enterprises, supply companies, pavement personnel, installers, etc. to the building's visual effects can be a most important process.


Past experience tells us that the problem of decoration, stone, or most applications and construction of stone is caused by "pavement" is incorrect. In other words, the problem is not from the stone itself, but because of the lack of understanding of the stone pavement The details of the people have led to another construction problem. However, after problems with the pavement, it is often placed in the test phase, just stone.
As the last step of the whole project, "construction paving" determines whether the stone will appear in the decoration. Therefore, in order to be able to decorate the beauty and safety of a house, we must understand the basic steps of road work.
First, prepare the load-bearing layer and foundation of the pavement. The bearing layer is flat (the ground bearing layer is natural and artificial, and the wall bearing layer is artificial). The role of this aircraft is to support loads from the upper members. Its nature should be strong, supportive, stable and sealed. The stone decorative board is directly on the surface of the stone panel. When the pavement is on the pavement, the role of the base layer is to disperse vertical loads and tensile forces, so that these forces can be supported by the bearing layer without collapse.
Lu Hui manufacturers transmit the generated load on the pavement wall to the base of the bottom through fixing devices (back bolts, mud, adhesives, fasteners, etc.). Because construction methods are diverse, so are the foundations. For pavement, the base can be one of many standard functions below the ground (for example, flat, or soundproof), or a floor, such as wood, artificial stone, ceramics, or flat (base). If the wall is a pavement, the veneer slabs are visible walls, concrete walls, plaster walls, or clay brick faces. The stone finish and the bottom of the load-bearing layer and the load-bearing layer do not need to remain the same, but sometimes they can be uniformly paved. For example, in a floor-laying building or an external wall, it can be laid directly on a concrete load-bearing wall.
Second, prepare a mixed adhesive. Mixed adhesive on base and stone panel. This product, except for a small part that has been pre-mixed, is ready to use, and is usually blended on site at the front paving stone decorative panel. The mixing cement requires plastering, mortar mixing, glue and adhesive; required tools are bucket, shovel, water, measuring cup, and meter. In addition, in order to reconcile safety considerations, some protective equipment was also prepared.
Third, formal investigation work. Formal survey of stone decorative panels, that is, stone flooring or wall panels, to the floor or to decorate walls. It's all creative, preparing for the implementation of the important conversion process.
This stage can be divided into 2 steps, one is to connect the materials (mortar, cement and clay layers, the "dry" mechanical fixing device of the wall finish) and expand the positioning; the second is according to the texture direction of the board (to form a certain The pattern reflects the value of the texture of the fixed plate to compensate for all uneven defects and other problems in the lower layer.
Fourth pad, pointing. Such a program, choose the appropriate material (gypsum, tile grouting, grouting, seam filling, sealing, etc.), the gap between the pavement board, which is a follow-up operation of the formal paving operation, it is not a formal paving operation So caulking and jointing should pay attention to the time interval with the form pavement.
Fifth, further renovation of the surface of the decorative panel (only on the ground). This is a process that grinds and polishes the floor, and if the floor is a predetermined wool board, it is a polished scene. There may be more work to do with wax and protection (oil, water) and waterproof products.
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