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What precautions should be taken when using Shandong Lu gray stone protective agent?

Release time: 2019-11-30 Visits: Times
Lu gray stone is a kind of stone that we are more commonly used now, but everyone knows that no matter what product it belongs to, it is generally protected with a protective agent, so in order to better ensure the performance of the stone, we are in What should I pay attention to when using Shandong Luhui Stone Protective Agent?
1. Shandong Luhui is widely used in various architectural decoration. Such gray buildings are often seen on the streets. In rainy seasons, Luhui washed by rain will fade and change. Therefore, The maintenance of the good gray rainy season is very important.

2. We need to choose the curing agent according to the customer's requirements for protection. There are two purposes of protection to prevent alkali reversion and rust. Another comprehensive waterproof, anti-fouling ability. Then for the first one, a silicone stone curing agent is needed. For the second type, an organic fluorine-type stone curing agent is required.

3. However, it should be noted that it is not that we think that the more the curing agent is, the better it will be for Lu Hui stone. Causes adverse consequences, but also increases the effectiveness of conservation. Attention and proper maintenance will prolong the effect of use.

Shandong Lu ash stone must use the right amount of protective agent, too much will affect the effect of conservation, only with the appropriate amount of use, the maintenance method can better maintain Lu ash stone.

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