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Zhang Qiuhui

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Zhang Qiuhui

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Everyone is familiar with Zhang Qiuhui. This kind of stone can be widely used. We all know that Zhang Qiuhui is a natural stone, so we must do maintenance work in daily life, otherwise it will affect Zhangqiu. The service life of gray stone, we should first understand how to maintain it.

If we usually do not pay attention to the maintenance of Zhangqiu gray stone, the prevention of Baihua phenomenon is mainly to protect the six sides of Zhangqiu gray stone with penetrating protective agent after the processing of Zhangqiu gray stone. The treatment of Baihua phenomenon is mainly to rinse the cleaned Zhangqiu gray stone surface with water to make it neutral, and then dry and treat the surface and joints of Zhangqiu gray stone and stone.

There are many reasons that affect the life of Zhangqiu gray stone. For example, there are rust spots. The main treatment of rust spots is rust remover. However, because rust removers are mostly acidic, the acid-resistant Wenshang Zhangqiu gray stone such as marble, Dolomite, should be tested before use, and diluted with water if necessary. Water spots, wet marks. This requires us to do a good job in advance of Zhangqiu gray stone inspection and maintenance of Zhangqiu autumn stone.

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