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How to clean the rust on the surface of Zhangqiu ash. Regarding the iron ions in Zhangqiu ash, it is relatively easy to produce rust. If the surface rust appears, usually use a special rust remover to clean it. Pay attention to a few points, not how to clean as you want.

1. The stone cannot be washed directly with a pure acidic liquid, that is, the simple acid solution is diluted with water and applied directly. Because the pure acid cleans the iron ions in the stone, there is only one dissolution process, and the iron ions can easily drink with water. Air combined with rust will generate rust again, and it will further diffuse with the acid solution, which is why rust is more after cleaning the stone with acid.

2. When choosing stone cleaning, choose the compound type, because the compound cleaning agent has certain corrosion inhibitors, acid mist inhibitors, additives and other functional materials, which is conducive to the rapid and stable iron ions in the stone and protect the operation. Security.

3. Pay attention to distinguish between marble and granite cleaning agents. Because the acidity and alkalinity of the cleaning agent are clear, the acidic cleaning agent has a considerable corrosive effect on the marble of the carbonate type.

4. After using any stone cleaning agent to construct the stone, rinse it repeatedly with water to reduce the concentration of acid and alkaline substances in the stone, and do the protective agent treatment in time.

Our factory has professional and technical personnel to provide you with services for Zhangqiu Ash, which can guarantee the quality of construction. At the moment of rapid development, advanced technology construction and strong financial strength are the foundation to ensure the quality of Zhangqiu Ash. To satisfy customers is to seek The fundamentals of long-term development. Welcome everyone to buy.

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