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How to prevent water stains on Zhangqiu gray stone is critical to the maintenance of Zhangqiu gray stone, so the generation of water stains is not conducive to use. If Zhangqiu gray stone is used for a long time, it will appear black There are many reasons for the problems that cause oxidative blackening. The following describes the problem of oxidative blackening.

Zhangqiu gray stone is a kind of natural construction stone, which naturally absorbs various pollutants from the outside world. After completion, there are still wet marks left on the surface, which is commonly known as water spots. The composition of water spots is very messy, including cement, acid rain, white hua, poor sand, and Wulian Red in Shandong Pollution absorbed from the ground constitutes the transformation of the stone itself. It can be said that removing water spots is very difficult. The only way to resist water spots is to prevent them. Before construction, SCI multi-functional protective agent, or SCI 15 protective agent can be used, which can effectively prevent water spot formation.

How to prevent water spots on Zhangqiu gray stone This is what we need to learn. Only in this way can our Zhangqiu gray stone be better used. This is a relatively important thing. On the function. Make Zhangqiu gray stone more perfect in the field of application. Choose the company Zhangqiu gray stone technology is mature, welcome to buy!

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