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Analyze some factors of the price difference between Zhangqiu ash and marble. There are many types of stone. Due to the different colors, manufacturing processes and textures, the prices are very different. General stone is divided into cultural stone, marble, granite, etc. Cultural stone includes natural cultural stone and artificial cultural stone.
Zhangqiu Hei is mostly used for indoor local decoration, with various shapes and different colors. It is mostly used for indoor indoor decoration, such as the decoration of indoor TV walls, the embossed shape around the iron heating hood, or the ground treatment in the courtyard. Close to nature, reflecting the simple decoration style. Among them, artificial culture stone is made from natural culture stone after reprocessing. It is lighter in texture, non-toxic, non-mildew, and easy to install. It is suitable for local treatment of the wall, reducing the load-bearing capacity of the wall, and the price is more natural. Some stone is expensive. Brands produced by joint venture manufacturers generally cost more than 300 yuan / box. If it is an imported stone brand, the price will be higher, which can reach about 1,000 yuan / box. The price of natural cultural stone is much cheaper, and the price is generally about 120 yuan to 130 yuan / square meter.
For marble, most of the marbles sold on the market are natural marbles. There is a color difference between the marbles of the same color, and the weight is heavy. When a large area is used for interior decoration, it will increase the load of the building, and natural marble may also be harmful to humans The substance. The newly introduced artificial marble to the market has effectively solved these problems. According to the merchant, artificial marble is reprocessed from natural marble powder, and has better hardness, gloss and abrasion resistance than natural marble. The color and texture of artificial marble are delicate. , The weight is light, there is no color difference and radioactive material between the same color stone. However, because artificial marble is mostly imported from abroad, the price is high, about 700 yuan per square meter, and the model is single, which can only be used for floor decoration.

Marble has always been loved by people for its solid texture and colorful colors. A consumer who bought marble said that marble is strong, there are many colors, and a wide range of choices. You can choose one or several different colors to use with it, and the decoration effect is good and luxurious. But at the same time, said that choosing marble is a troublesome task, because natural marble of the same color has a color difference, so when buying, you must go to the warehouse to choose one by one. So as not to have too much chromatic aberration, and ruin the overall decorative effect.

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