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First, the excellent Zhangqiu gray architectural designer should be familiar with the characteristics of the material, should use the characteristics of the material, should control the special shortness of the material, do not know the stone, you will not design or design bad Zhangqiu gray stone curtain wall. Zhangqiu gray stone is a brittle material first, with high strength, high brittleness, and easy to break. How to ensure that the working condition of Zhangqiu gray stone plate is not damaged, the damaged state is not scattered, remedial treatment to prevent scattering, etc., there must be measures in the face of brittle materials.
Second, Zhangqiu gray stone is a non-homogeneous material. To control the homogeneity, it is necessary to start from the mine.
Third, Zhangqiu gray stone must be statistical data of flexural strength and pertinence of each project. Zhangqiu gray stone is a porous material. Its water absorption is controlled at 0.6 and 0.8, and its water resistance must be good.

Fourth, the safety of the curtain wall also depends on the relationship. This relationship includes the relationship with the outside, the relationship with the main structure, and the relationship between the construction departments. The weather in different regions is not suitable for the use of stone, otherwise maintenance costs will increase and safety will be reduced. Marble, travertine and limestone sedimentary rock with iodic acid bubbles should not be used as the stone material of the external wall. The joints of the stone curtain wall must be sealed.

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