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First, fire resistance: different types of stone materials are different, and some stone materials undergo chemical decomposition under high temperature.

Second, freeze resistance: By -20 degrees Celsius, freezing occurs, and the water expansion in the pores is one tenth larger than the original volume. Generally, if the water absorption rate is less than 0.5 percent.

Third, expansion and contraction: Zhangqiu gray stone also expands and contracts thermally, but if it is cooled after being heated, its shrinkage cannot return to its original volume, and a part of it must be retained for permanent expansion.

四,抗压强度:章丘灰的抗压强度会因矿物成份、结晶粗细、胶结物质的均匀性、荷重面积、荷重作用与解理所成角度等因素,而有所不同.若其他条件相同,通常结晶颗粒细小而彼此粘结一起的致密材料,具有较高强度。 Fourth , compressive strength: The compressive strength of Zhangqiu ash will vary due to factors such as mineral composition, crystal thickness, uniformity of cemented material, load area, load effect and angle formed by cleavage. If other conditions Similarly, dense materials that usually have small crystalline particles and adhere to each other have higher strength.

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